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Hoe Downs for Breast Health

Hoe Downs for Breast Health, Heart Health and Better Blood Sugar


How can a 2 minute exercise called Hoe Downs deliver so many results for so many people, regardless of age or fitness level?  Visually it doesn’t look like much, but when you do it you can immediately FEEL the difference and within a week, you can even SEE a difference!


This comprehensive, no-impact, aerobic exercise involves full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension in a repetitive sequence that simultaneously triggers left brain/right brain function, as well as lymphatic flow for breast health.   It’s focus on posture with ribs up and shoulders back, along with knees bent and tailbone tucked, helps the body maximize neuro-kinetic pathways from brain-to-body and mind-to-muscle for optimal results in preventative wellness, fitness and function.


Hoe Downs can be done anytime and anywhere.  This simple sequence is very efficient and effective at increasing heart rate and decreasing blood sugar.   In fact, Prevention Magazine wrote an article about Hoe Downs and stated that it is probably one of the fastest ways to boost energy and eliminate what’s commonly called the “afternoon slump”.   Done after meals or after consuming a carbohydrate snack, test results verified an average drop in glucose from 62 to 85 points upon completion of 2 sets.


Done daily, Hoe Downs can also improve digestion and elimination  In fact, Carolyn Dean, MD, ND explains and recommends in her book, IBS for Dummies, how effective Hoe Downs can be for anyone dealing with digestive or elimination issues like IBS.


So try Hoe Downs once or twice a day and see what they can do for you.


Hoe Downs … they’re easy, they’re fast and with music they are fun!  They are the perfect example how less can deliver more when maximizing muscle movement
the T-Tapp Way!   Yes You Can!


Hoe Downs Instruction



Hoe Downs With Music

Butterflies for Breast Health

A little exercise I created called Butterflies does a lot more than help your body look better, it actually helps improve breast health, cardio fitness, circulation and lymphatic function.
It looks so simple but a lot more is happening than what you see on the outside. Although your feet stay planted and your arms never go above shoulder height, this 90 second exercise definitely increases heart rate and heart health, as well as help your body decrease inflammation and lower blood sugar. How can that be? Full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension from origin to insertion along with lymphatic pumping is the secret to success. Each little “butterfly pump” along with lower body activation (toes forward, tailbone tucked, ribs up and knees out) increases heart rate and lymphatic circulation. Increased heart rate = greater blood circulation. Increased lymphatic circulation = greater elimination. Full fiber tension of multiple muscles also helps improve lymphatic flow. The combination of all three = a body that looks, feels and functions better. PRICELESS. No equipment is needed – just your body and a small amount of space to extend your arms with palms up and thumbs back.

Don’t delay try it today and feel the difference. Yes You Can with T-Tapp!